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Original scientific paper

A study of the soil-plant interactions of Pistacia lentiscus L. distributed in the western Anatolian part of Turkey

Y. Dogan
S. Baslar
H. Ayden
H.H. Mert

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page 73-88

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This study was undertaken with the aim of illuminating the soil-plant interactions of Pistacia lentiscus L., which is a Mediterranean sclerophylleous coastal zone plant in the Western Anatolian part of Turkey. The soil analysis data showed that this plant grows on
different kinds of soils such as sandy-clayey-loam, clayey-loam, sandy-loam and loamy texture. Soils are not saline, with pH moderately and slightly alkaline. This species prefers soils with low phosphorus and potassium contents, but with different calcium carbonate and nitrogen contents. Three negative linear correlations were observed between plant calcium and soil pH, plant nitrogen and soil calcium carbonate, plant potassium and soil calcium carbonate.


Pistacia lentiscus; autecology; Anatolia

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