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Preliminary communication


Imrich Gazda ; Catholic University in Ružomberok, Ružomberok, Slovakia
Albert Kulla ; Catholic University in Ružomberok, Ružomberok, Slovakia

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The Slovak republic is markedly a Christian country. According to results of the last population census in 2001, not less than 84 per cent of people claimed to be Christians. Catholicism prevails among Christian denominations. Despite the fact, in Slovakia there is not a strong periodical, besides the Catholic Newspaper, with Christian background, so an image of Christian/Catholic creed and religion is formed mainly by means of secular media. Diego Contreras (2004) from The School of Institutional Social Communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome led the extensive research in 1998 within which he analyzed 10 prominent dailies from five countries (Corriere della sera, La Repubblica; ABC, El País; The New York Times, The Washington Post; Le Monde, Le Figaro; The Times, The Daily Telegraph). The results of the research show that 85 % of texts covering any religious topic were related to the Catholic Church. The share was up to 90% in case of Italian and Spanish dailies. We may assume, and this is the first hypothesis of our paper, that we can gain similar numbers when analysing the Slovak dailies quantitatively. All the elite newspapers (the liberal SME daily, the mainstream daily PRAVDA which was officially a periodical of the Communistic Party before 1989 and the daily Economic Newspaper- Hospodárske noviny) cover issues from the Catholic Church mostly critically. We are planning to confirm or disprove this second hypothesis by means of the qualitative research of the Slovak dailies. At the same time, we plan to specify accurately reasons of the critical approach. The research sample of the qualitative and quantitative research will be the issues of the above-menationed dailies within the chosen months in the year 2011.


Christian religion, Slovak dailies, coverage, research, critical approach

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