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  • Publication date: 30.06.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 01.07.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial (page I-IV)

Jože Perić

Island destinations' tourism offer - tourists' vs. residents' attitudes (page 1-14)

Daniela Soldić Frleta
Original scientific paper

Entrepreneurial management of private accomodation in times of crisis: a comparative approach (page 15-28)

Zdenko Cerović, Ines Milohnić, Sanda Grudić Kvasić
Preliminary communication

Spatial resources in the development of tourism destinations (case study Kvarner) (page 29-43)

Marinela Krstinić Nižić
Preliminary communication

Hotel website performance: evidence from a transition country (page 45-60)

Ljudevit Pranić, Daniela Garbin Praničević, Josip Arnerić
Preliminary communication

Greening hotels - building green values into hotel services (page 85-102)

Darija Hays, Đurđana Ozretic-Došen
Review article

Environmental accounting as perspective for hotel sustainability: literature review (page 103-120)

Sandra Janković, Dubravka Krivačić
Review article

Model for marketing management at cultural institutions in the city of Zadar (page 121-136)

Aleksandra Krajnović, Marino Radović, Dražen Jašić
Review article

Tequila tourism as a factor of development: a strategic vision in Mexico (page 137-149)

Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre, José Caridad y Ocerín, Juan Manuel Arjona Fuentes, Luis Amador Hidalgo
Review article

Reviewers (page 153-0)


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