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  • Publication date: 09.10.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 22.10.2014.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial - Personalised Medicine (page 7-8)

Marko Pećina

The First Croatian Symposium on Personalised Oncology - Preface (page 11-11)

Fedor Šantek, Nikola Đaković

Molecular diagnostics of hereditary breast cancer (page 25-31)

Sonja Levant
Original scientific paper

Personalised cancer medicine in colorectal cancer – a short overview (page 33-38)

Antonio Juretić
Review article

Colorectal cancer, novel biomarkers and immunohistochemistry – an overview (page 41-49)

Monika Ulamec, Božo Krušlin
Review article

Personalised therapy for melanoma (page 51-60)

Jasmina Marić Brozić, Nikola Đaković
Review article

Prognostic biomarkers in melanoma (page 61-68)

Božo Krušlin, Majda Vučić
Review article

Vladimir Prelog and the study of pharmacy at the University of Zagreb (page 81-100)

Nikola Kujundžić
Review article

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