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  • Publication date: 01.12.2014.
  • Published on HRČAK: 12.02.2015.

Table of contents

Full text

Knowledge and skills that are needed to maintain life-long activities of modern society (page 15-27)

Marjana Merkač Skok
Original scientific paper

Multi-stakeholder governance encourages competitiveness (page 29-34)

Štefka Gorenak
Original scientific paper

Social networks as a source of entrepreneurial ideas (page 35-41)

Tatjana Kovač
Original scientific paper

Culture of Entrepreneurship – Croatia case (page 67-73)

Dragica Karajić
Original scientific paper

Lessons in structuring SME dedicated exchange for developing capital markets – a practitioner’s perspective (page 75-86)

Aljoša Šestanović, Antonela Šimunović, Valentina Kasum
Original scientific paper

Human resources and women labor potential - a crucial resource to overcome the effects of the crisis (page 87-95)

Vanja Marenković, Petra Palić
Original scientific paper

Business simulation as a tool for entrepreneurial learning The role of business simulation in entrepreneurship education (page 97-107)

Anton Florijan Barišić, Monika Prović
Original scientific paper

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