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  • Publication date: 30.12.1996.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.09.2016.

Table of contents

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Guest Editorial (page I-I)

Damir Kalpić

Statistics with Non-Precise Data (page 215-224)

Reinhard Viertl
Original scientific paper

Optimizational Approach to Blockmodeling (page 225-233)

Anuska Ferligoj, Patrick Doreian, Vladimir Batagelj
Original scientific paper

Frailty Models in Survival Analysis (page 235-239)

Johann Sölkner
Original scientific paper

Financial Information Extraction Using Pre-defined and User-definable Templates in the LOLITA System (page 241-255)

Marco Costantino, Richard G. Morgan, Russell J. Collingham
Original scientific paper

University Automated Timetabling (page 257-263)

Nuno Mamede, Pedro Soares
Original scientific paper

An Object-Oriented Implementation of Morphological Operations Using Element Vector Representation (page 265-269)

Zoran Đukić, Sven Lončarić
Original scientific paper

Book Reviews (page 271-277)

Mladen Kos, Dragutin Vuković, Slobodan Ribarić, Josip Jurić
Case report

Author Index (page 279-280)


Subject Index (page 281-281)


List of Referees (page 282-282)


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