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  • Publication date: 30.06.1994.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.09.2016.

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Editorial (page I-I)

CIT Editors

Mapping Programs on a Torus-like Transputer Network (page 67-75)

Peter Kolbezen, Peter Zaveršek
Original scientific paper

A Multiprocessor System for Performing Mail Sorting in Real Time (page 87-101)

D. L. Andrews, R. Brown, C. Caldwell, A. R. Hennessey
Original scientific paper

A Cooperative Approach To Integrating Expert Systems with Neural Networks (page 103-111)

Pavol Frič, Jozef Šefčik, Vladimir Vojtek
Original scientific paper

Using Hypertext to Implement Multiple Tutoring Strategies in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Music Learning (page 123-138)

Marios C. Angelides, Amelia K. Y. Tong
Original scientific paper

Bringing LP to Life (page 139-146)

Clifford Jones
Original scientific paper

Reviews by (page 147-153)

Slobodan Ribarić, Dragutin Vuković, Vlado Glavinić, Srećko Seljan
Case report

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