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Technical Journal , Vol. 10 No. 1-2, 2016.

  • Publication date: 15.07.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.07.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

Impact of Right-Time Business Intelligence Tools on Efficiency in Decision Making (page 1-8)

Branimir Dukić, Danijela Bara, Stojanka Dukić
Original scientific paper

Different Mathematical Model for the Chopper Circuit (page 13-15)

Erol Can, H. Hüseyin Sayan
Original scientific paper

Photovoltaic System Design for Consumers in Isolated Operation (page 16-21)

Igor Petrović, Dinko Begović, Zoran Vrhovski
Preliminary communication

Analysis of Various NHV Sources of a Combustion Engine (page 29-37)

Amar Singh, Shubham Bharadwaj, Sunny Narayan
Review article

Additive Processes in the Development of New Products with a Review of Terminology Issues (page 38-44)

Tomislav Pavlic, Ivana Jurković, Tomislav Subota
Professional paper

Application of PLC Device in Modeling the Electrical Machine Drive Sequence (page 51-54)

Igor Petrović, Denis Čamber, Zdravko Petrović
Professional paper

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