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  • Publication date: 12.10.2007.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.10.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

J. W. Fowler's Theory on the Degrees of Belief (page 293-293)

Erika Prijatelj
Review article

Influences upon Amartye Kumar Sen's Concept of the Theory of Social Choice (page 306-306)

Šimo Šokčević
Review article

Children - Victims of Feministic-Anarchical «Sex Education» (page 320-321)

Ante Vukasović
Review article

Man's Primary Task is Man Himself (page 332-332)

Nikola Stanković
Professional paper

The Šarić Translation of the Holy Bible and its Publication (Part I) (page 343-344)

Karlo Višaticki
Professional paper

Padre Pio of Pietrelcino – Mystic of the 20th Century (page 362-362)

Henrieta Zajec
Professional paper

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