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Geologia Croatica , Vol. 50 No. 1, 1997.

  • Publication date: 30.06.1997.
  • Published on HRČAK: 18.10.2007.

Table of contents

Full text

Valvasoria carniolica n.gen. n.sp., a Triassic Worm from Slovenia (page 1-5)

T. Kolar-Jurkovšek, B. Jurkovšek
Original scientific paper

Glauconitic Materials from Lower Miocene Macelj-Sandstones of the Hrvatsko Zagorje, North-Western Croatia (page 17-25)

N. Tadej, D. Slovenec, J. Tišljar, I. Inkret
Original scientific paper

Strontium Dependence of the Lattice Constants of Barites from the Kresevo Area in Central Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (page 27-32)

D. Slovenec, D. Šiftar, M. Jakšić, I. Jurković
Original scientific paper

The Helicoidal Fault Systems of Vinodol (Croatia) and Their Genesis (page 49-56)

I. Blašković
Original scientific paper

Tectonic Structure of the Island of Hvar (Southern Croatia) (page 57-77)

S. Marinčić
Original scientific paper

The Morphogenesis of Submarine Springs in the Bay of Kastela, Croatia (page 105-110)

F. Fritz, S. Bahun
Original scientific paper

In memoriam Ante Ivanović (1923-1997) (page 111-113)

Gj. Benček
In memoriam, Obituary

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