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  • Publication date: 10.11.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.11.2017.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial (page III-IV)

Dora Smolčić Jurdana, Sanda Janković

Tourist adoption of mapping apps: a UTAUT2 perspective of smart travellers (page 145-161)

Anil Gupta, Nikita Dogra
Original scientific paper

Effects of leadership styles on hotel financial performance (page 163-183)

Xuan Tran
Original scientific paper

The effect of motivational factor for using SNSs on tourist attitude (page 185-194)

JeongHee Noh, Kwang-Woo Lee, Jinsoo Hwang
Preliminary communication

Sports tourism and perceived socio-economic impact in Kenya: the case of Machakos county (page 195-217)

Joseph Muiruri Njoroge, Lucy Atieno, Daniele Vieira Do Nascimento
Preliminary communication

Structural equation model: influence on tourist satisfaction with destination atributes (page 219-233)

Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer, Gelmar García Vidal, Alexander Sánchez Rodríguez, Rodobaldo Martínez Vivar
Preliminary communication

Accomodation classification system in Slovenia (page 235-249)

Maja Uran Maravić
Preliminary communication

Factors affecting customer satisfaction of online travel agencies in India (page 267-277)

Sabyasachi Dutta, Ram Kumar Chauhan, Kavita Chauhan
Review article

Collaborative schemes for anticipating negative impacts of the tourists' visit (page 279-297)

Ilham Junaid, Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre
Review article

Reviewers (page 301-302)


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