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Linguistics , Vol. 18. No. 3., 2017.

  • Publication date: 19.12.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 19.12.2017.

Table of contents

Full text

The EK construction in Xhosa: A cognitive account (page 383-421)

Alexander Andrason, Mawande Dlali
Original scientific paper

Applications of conceptual blending: Headlines and their implicatures (page 423-446)

Shala Barczewska
Original scientific paper

Linguistic functions of the vocative as a morphological, syntactic and pragmatic-semantic category (page 447-472)

Maja Glušac, Ana Mikić Čolić
Original scientific paper

Addressing the notions of convention and context in social media research (page 473-497)

Marina Grubišić
Original scientific paper

Probleme der deutschen Sprichwortlexikographie (page 519-537)

Nikolina Miletić
Review article

Phonological and morphological characteristics of historical documents of Turopolje in the 17th century (page 0-0)

Boris Kuzmić, Danijela Šivak
Original scientific paper

EDITORIAL NOTE (page 379-379)

Mario Brdar

Prof. Dr. Susanne Göpferich-Görnert (page 381-381)

Vladimir Karabalić
In memoriam, Obituary

Litovkina, Anna T. 2017. Teaching proverbs and anti-proverbs (page 555-557)

Ana Keglević
Case report

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