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  • Publication date: 24.07.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 21.07.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

An analysis of covariance parameters in Gaussian process-based optimization (page 1-10)

Hossein Mohammadi, Rodolphe Le Riche, Xavier Bay, Eric Touboul
Original scientific paper

GIS-based Decision Support Concept to planning of land acquisition for realization of Urban Public Projects (page 11-24)

Jelena Kilić, Nikša Jajac, Ivan Marović
Original scientific paper

Real Options in Irreversible Investment under Uncertainty: a Review (page 25-35)

Esosa Enoyoze, Sunday E. Omosigho
Original scientific paper

Financial eurization in Croatia and its (non)linear pattern behaviour (page 51-62)

Mile Bošnjak
Original scientific paper

A new projection-based algorithm for solving a large-scale nonlinear system of monotone equations (page 63-73)

Mushtak A. K. Shiker, Keyvan Amini
Original scientific paper

A goal programming model that ensures efficient usage of limited interdiction budget in the procurement game (page 75-85)

Gökhan Özçelik, Cevriye Gencer
Original scientific paper

Measuring financial literacy of university students (page 87-97)

Ana Pavković, Mihovil Anđelinović, Domagoj Mišević
Original scientific paper

Challenges of Processes Simulation with Dynamic Batch Processing Activities (page 99-113)

Igor Pihir, Katarina Tomičić-Pupek, Neven Vrček
Original scientific paper

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