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Journal of Maritime & Transportation Sciences , Vol. Special edition No. 2, 2018.

  • Publication date: 20.04.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 20.04.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Uvodnik (page 0-0)

Introduction (page 0-14)


Prediction of Noise Performance of Ro-Ro Passenger Ship by the Hybrid Statistical Energy Analysi (page 29-45)

Nikola Vladimir, Ivan Lončar, Ivica Ančić, Ivo Senjanović
Review article

PWBS Best Practice Analysis of Two Shipyards (page 47-57)

Vanda Brandić, Damir Kolić
Professional paper

Offshore Wind Turbines – Research and Development (page 59-70)

Neven Hadžić, Ivan Ćatipović, Marko Tomić, Nikola Vladimir, Hrvoje Kozmar
Review article

Structural Design of a Composite Trimaran (page 71-88)

Stipe Plenča, Albert Zamarin
Professional paper

Challenges on Marine Litter Issues in the Adriatic (page 89-103)

Lidija Runko Luttenberger
Review article

Artifficial Reefs - New Habitats of Marine Life (page 106-112)

Albert Zahtila, Elvis Zahtila, Roko Dehajla
Professional paper

Application of the State-Of-The Art Engineering Methods in Nautical Archaeology (page 113-122)

Smiljko Rudan, Irena Radić Rossi
Review article

Parameters Assessment of the FMEA Method by Means of Fuzzy Logic (page 123-132)

Jasminka Bonato, Martina Badurina, Julijan Dobrinić
Review article

Bidirectional DC/DC Power Converter for Hybrid Yacht Propulsion System (page 133-142)

Saša Sladić, Damir Kolić, Marko Šuljić
Preliminary communication

Disposal of Worn Out Fiberglass Recreational Boats (page 143-153)

Roko Dejhala, Dunja Legović
Review article

Expert Approach Methodology as Basis for Sailing Boat Outfitting Improvement – Case Study (page 155-166)

Tin Matulja, Marko Hadjina
Professional paper

Recent Advances in Damage Stability Assessment with Application on a Container Vessel (page 167-184)

Boris Tomić, Anton Turk, Bruno Čalić
Professional paper

Instructions for authors (page 185-189)


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