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Collegium antropologicum , Vol. 42 No. 1, 2018.

  • Publication date: 01.04.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 17.09.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Sports Background and Selected Features of Biological Condition in Life Quality of Women over 55 (page 1-6)

Weronika Stodółka, Jarosław Domaradzki
Original scientific paper

Evaluation of physical development of Ukrainian city pupils in dynamics of 35 years monitoring period (1974 – 2009 years) (page 7-12)

Alina Platonova, Leonid Podrigalo, Sergii Iermakov, Mirosława Cieślicka, Radosław Muszkieta
Original scientific paper

Maternal Physical Activity in Pregnancy and Newborns` Anthropometry-The Preface From the CRIBS Study (page 21-25)

Tonko Carić, Luka Bočkor, Ivan Dolanc, Matea Zajc Petranović, Dubravka Havaš Auguštin, Jelena Šarac, Nives Fuchs, Miran Čoklo, Saša Missoni
Original scientific paper

The Origin of Culturally Diversified Individuals Buried in the Early Iron Age Barrow Cemetery at Chultukov Log-1 (Upper Altai) in Light of the Analysis of Stable Oxygen Isotopes (page 27-37)

Łukasz Oleszczak, Andriey P. Borodovskiy, Aleksandra Lisowska-Gaczorek, Jacek Pawlyta, Sławomir Kozieł, Svietlana S. Tur, Beata Cienkosz-Stepańczak, Krzysztof Szostek
Original scientific paper

Standard intraoral radiography vs. cone beam computed tomography for root canal systems detection in historical dental material (page 39-44)

Agata Przesmycka, Jacek Tomczyk, Joanna Zarzecka, Slawomir Koziel, Marta Zalewska
Original scientific paper


Ana Škrinjarić
Original scientific paper

River Crossings and Roman Auxiliary Forts: The Evidence from the River Cetina (page 53-63)

Nikola Cesarik
Original scientific paper

Sitting and Low Back Disorders: An Overview of the Most Commonly Suggested Harmful Mechanisms (page 73-79)

Kaja Kastelic, Žiga Kozinc, Nejc Šarabon
Review article

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