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  • Publication date: 10.07.2019.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.12.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Introduction (page 7-8)

Uvodnik (page 0-0)


An Origin-Destination Matrix Estimate for Baghdad City Based on GIS (page 33-44)

Namir G. Ahmed Alkawaaz, Noor Moutaz Asmael
Preliminary communication

Protection Coatings for the Underwater Part of Ship’s Hull (page 59-70)

Renato Ivče, Matej Grubiša, Darijo Mišković
Review article

Improving Logistics Processes in Inland Container Terminal (page 71-90)

Dejan Mirčetić, Marinko Maslarić, Svetlana Nikoličić, Sanja Bojić, Arpad Torok
Review article

Stakeholder Analysis and Coastal Zone Management within Local Communities (page 105-117)

Katarina Ivanić, Borna Debelić, Siniša Vilke, Marinko Maslarić
Review article

Possibilities of Connecting Maritime and Continental Tourism with an Emphasis on Sustainable Development (page 119-127)

Daniela Gračan, Maja Coner, Danimir Štros
Review article

The Impacts of Rip Curl Pro, Surf Competition, in Peniche (Portugal) (page 129-141)

Rosa Nunes, Luís Silveira, Mónica Brito
Review article

Idiosyncrasies of Sports Law in Sailing Regattas (page 143-165)

Moreno Pajković
Review article

Sailor’s Service from Medieval Times to Modern Maritime Labour Conventions (page 167-182)

Željko Bartulović, Maja Aflić
Review article

Towards Paperless Vessels: A Master’s Perspective (page 183-199)

David Brčić, Srđan Žuškin
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Navigation Safety Regarding Tankers in Narrow Waterways (page 201-217)

Nermin Hasanspahić, Vlado Frančić, Igor Rudan, Lovro Maglić
Preliminary communication

Management and Usage of Nitrogen Systems on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers (page 219-227)

Renato Ivče, Igor Rudan, Mateo Rudan
Professional paper

Instructions for authors (page 231-235)


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