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  • Publication date: 08.06.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.06.2020.

Table of contents

Full text

Tourism in a VUCA World (page 119-0)

Josip Mikulić

The impact of blockchain technology on tourism intermediation (page 130-143)

Sara Melkić, Nevenka Čavlek
Review article

Can indicators for sustainable tourism improve tourism planning in the coastal destinations? Empirical evidence from Catalonia, Istrian Region and Tuscany Region (page 144-155)

Kristina Brščić, Lluis Prats Planaguma, Antonio Raschi, Valentina Marchi, Tina Šugar, Katarina Lovrečić, Danijela Poljuha
Original scientific paper

Overtourism and tourismphobia: A systematic literature review (page 156-169)

Medéia Veríssimo, Michelle Moraes, Zélia Breda, Alan Guizi, Carlos Costa
Review article

Insights into differences in residents' attitudes: Tourism impacts and support for future development (page 170-180)

Daniela Soldić Frleta, Dora Smolčić Jurdana
Original scientific paper

The perception of travellers and the World Heritage Site image (page 181-194)

Ivana Pavlić, Barbara Puh, Ljubica Mišković
Original scientific paper

Seasonality of crime in Croatia: A relationship with tourism (page 195-206)

Hrvoje Mataković
Original scientific paper

Influence of limiting beliefs in soft employability skills: An analysis for the hospitality sector (page 207-220)

Lourdes Susaeta, Frank Babinger, Natalia Muñoz
Original scientific paper

ICTs in the hospitality industry: An importance-performance analysis among small family-owned hotels (page 221-234)

Daniela Garbin Praničević, Ante Mandić
Original scientific paper

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