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ADMET and DMPK , Vol. 8 No. 3, 2020.

  • Publication date: 27.09.2020.
  • Published on HRČAK: 27.09.2020.

Table of contents

Full text

Can small drugs predict the intrinsic aqueous solubility of ‘beyond Rule of 5’ big drugs? (page 180-206)

Alex Avdeef, Manfred Kansy
Original scientific paper

Solubility prediction in the bRo5 chemical space: where are we right now? (page 207-214)

Giuseppe Ermondi, Vasanthanathan Poongavanam, Maura Vallaro, Jan Kihlberg, Giulia Caron
Original scientific paper

Three machine learning models for the 2019 Solubility Challenge (page 215-250)

John Mitchell
Original scientific paper

ADME prediction with KNIME: In silico aqueous solubility consensus model based on supervised recursive random forest approaches (page 251-273)

Gabriela Falcón-Cano, Christophe Molina, Miguel Angel Cabrera-Pérez
Original scientific paper

GAFF/IPolQ-Mod+LJ-Fit: Optimized force field parameters for solvation free energy predictions (page 274-296)

Andreas Mecklenfeld, Gabriele Raabe
Original scientific paper

Dissolution of an ensemble of differently shaped poly-dispersed drug particles undergoing solubility reduction: mathematical modelling (page 297-313)

Michela Abrami, Lucia Grassi, Rosario Di Vittorio, Dritan Hasa, Beatrice Perissutti, Dario Voinovich, Gabriele Grassi, Italo Colombo, Mario Grassi
Original scientific paper

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