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ADMET & DMPK is an international, peer reviewed open-access Journal aiming for rapid dissemination of orginal research articles, review papers and comments in the broad areas of absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicology and pharmacokinetics of drugs. The emphasis is on rapid publishing of articles of high scientific quality and make them freely available to researchers worldwide.

  • Recenzija: vanjske recenzije, pretežito inozemna, svi radovi, jednostruko slijepa, dvostruka
  • Prva godina izlaženja: 2013.
  • Učestalost izlaženja: 4
  • Područja pokrivanja: Farmacija, Temeljne medicinske znanosti, Biomedicina i zdravstvo, Interdisciplinarne tehničke znanosti, Temeljne tehničke znanosti, Kemijsko inženjerstvo, Biologija, Kemija
  • Uključen u Hrčak: 26.02.2013.
  • Prava korištenja: ADMET and DMPK publishes articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This means that all articles published by ADMET and DMPK, including data, graphics tables and supplement materials, can be reused by other autors, linked on websites, crawled by search engines, or reused by blogs... , free of charge under the sole condition of proper accreditation of the source and the original Publisher. ADMET and DMPK believes that open access publishing can foster the exchange of research results amongst electrochemists world-wide, including from developing countries, as well as to an interested general public. We believe that open access is an enriching part of the science communication that could and should co-exist with all other forms of communication and publication.