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  • Publication date: 29.06.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 29.06.2021.

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Efficiency of European Airports: Parametric Versus Non-parametric Approach (page 1-14)

Markéta Matulová, Jana Rejentová
Original scientific paper

Does financial behavior mediate the relationship between self-control and financial security? (page 27-36)

Marija Vuković, Snježana Pivac
Original scientific paper

On the uniqueness of the solution of the cost minimization problem with generalized Sato production function (page 37-48)

Vedran Kojić, Zrinka Lukač, Krunoslav Puljić
Original scientific paper

Impact of Plant Utilization on Irreversible Investment Under Uncertainty with Application to Refinery Investment (page 49-59)

Sunday Ewansiha Omosigho, Esosa Enoyoze, Virtue U. Ekhosuehi
Original scientific paper

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