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ADMET and DMPK , Vol. 9 No. 3, 2021.

  • Publication date: 08.10.2021.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.10.2021.

Table of contents

Full text

Drug-like Properties and Fraction Lipophilicity Index as a combined metric (page 177-190)

Anna Tsantili-Kakoulidou, Vassilis Demopoulos
Original scientific paper

Prediction of hERG inhibition of drug discovery compounds using biomimetic HPLC measurements (page 191-207)

Chrysanthos Stergiopoulos, Fotios Tsopelas, Klara Valko
Original scientific paper

ADME prediction with KNIME: A retrospective contribution to the second “Solubility Challenge” (page 209-218)

Gabriela Falcón-Cano, Christophe Molina, Miguel Angel Cabrera-Pérez
Original scientific paper

Investigating antimicrobial features and drug interactions of sedoanalgesics in intensive care unit: an experimental study (page 219-226)

Ozge Unlu, Emre Bingul, Sevgi Kesi̇ci̇, Mehmet Demirci
Original scientific paper

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