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Transactions on Maritime Science , Vol. 11 No. 01, 2022.

  • Publication date: 20.04.2022.
  • Published on HRČAK: 26.09.2022.

Table of contents

Full text

From Editor-in-Chief: Is Green Really Green? (page 0-0)

Igor Vujović

Method of Prompt Evasive Manuever Selection to Alter Ship's Course or Speed (page 7-15)

Igor Burmaka, Igor Vorokhobin, Oleksiy Melnyk, Oleksii Burmaka, Sergii Sagin
Preliminary communication

Multicriteria Approach to Determining the Optimal Composition of Technical Means in the Design of Sea Grain Terminals (page 28-44)

Sergey Rudenko, Anatoliy Shakhov, Inna Lapkina, Oleksandr Shumylo, Mykola Malaksiano, Ihor Horchynskyi
Review article

Multi-Criteria Decision Making using TOPSIS Method for Battery Type Selection in Hybrid Propulsion System (page 45-53)

Murat Bayraktar, Mustafa Nuran
Preliminary communication

A Revelatory Case Study for the Emergence of Powerships: The Floating Power Plant Innovation for Rural Electrification (page 54-66)

Murat Pamik, Murat Bayraktar, Olgun Konur, Mustafa Nuran
Preliminary communication

Wave Energy Harvesting System Using Piezocomposite Materials (page 67-78)

Zakaria Malki, Chouaib Ennawaoui, Abdelowahed Hajjaji, Mohamed Eljouad, Yahia Boughaleb
Preliminary communication

Regression Modelling Estimation of Marine Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption and Emissions (page 79-94)

Onur Yüksel, Burak Köseoğlu
Professional paper

Evaluating the Economic Performance of a Pure Electric and Diesel Vessel: The Case of E-ferry in Denmark (page 95-109)

Annie Kortsari, Lambros Mitropoulos, Trine Heinemann, Henrik Mikkelsen, Georgia Aifadopoulou
Preliminary communication

Evaluating Capsize Boundary of Damaged Ro-Ro Ship Using Chaos Theory and Probabilistic Analysis (page 119-132)

Poonam Mohan, AP Shashikala
Preliminary communication

The Effect of Propeller Pitch on Ship Propulsion (page 133-155)

Deniz Ozturk, Cihad Delen, Samir E. Belhenniche, Omer Kemal Kinaci
Original scientific paper

Dry Port Location Factor Determination using Delphi in Peninsular Region (page 169-184)

Vidya G Mohan, MA Nasser
Original scientific paper

Use of DELPHI-AHP Method to Identify annd Analyze Risks in Seaport Dry Port System (page 185-206)

Nabil Lamii, Fatimazahra Bentaleb, Mouhsene Fri, Charif Mabrouki, El Alami Semma
Professional paper

Good Practices in Strategic Port Performance (page 207-218)

Fernando González Laxe, Federico Martin Bermúdez, Federico Martin Palmero
Review article

To Pollute or Not To Pollute? Exploring MARPOL Efficiency in the Adriatic Sea (page 219-236)

Ana Grdović Gnip, Žiga Velkavrh
Original scientific paper

Seafarer Abandonment and Vessel’s Flag State Role Analysis (page 260-269)

Mohit Gupta, S Shanthakumar
Preliminary communication

Legal Analysis of Impact of Revised BIMCO Clauses on Crew Health and Safety During COVID-19 Era (page 270-277)

Michail Boviatsis, Georgios Daniil
Review article

Territorial Claims in North Polar Maritime Zone in View of International Security (page 278-285)

Ermal Xhelilaj, Kristofor Lapa
Review article

Infectious Risks on Different Types of Ships with Reference to the COVID-19 Pandemic (page 286-293)

Rosanda Mulić, Joško Radošević, Pero Vidan, Nikola Kolja Poljak
Review article

Students’ Attitude to Online Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) at Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy and Faculty of Maritime Studies Split during COVID-19 Crisis (page 294-306)

Blagovest Belev, Nikola Nikolov, Josip Dorigatti, Gorana Jelić Mrčelić
Original scientific paper

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