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  • Publication date: 15.03.2007.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.06.2008.

Table of contents

Full text

Building Bali Hai: Tourism and the (re)creation of place in Tahiti (page 9-22)

Elaine Haldeman Davis
Review article

Evaluating and extending the Travel Career Patterns model (page 23-38)

Sebastian Filep, Luke Greenacre
Original scientific paper

"To bring God's word to all people": The case of a religious theme-site (page 39-50)

Amir Shani, Manuel Antonio Rivera, Denver Severt
Review article

Evaluating tourism potential: a SWOT analysis of the Western Negev, Israel (page 51-63)

Noga Collins-Kreiner, Geoffrey Wall
Review article

National tourism organizations: Measuring the results of promotion abroad (page 65-80)

Craig Webster, Stanislav Ivanov
Original scientific paper

Intellectual capital in the Slovenian hotel industry before and after entry into the EU (page 93-101)

Helena Nemec Rudež
Preliminary communication

Selected bibliography (page 116-131)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

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