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  • Publication date: 23.12.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 23.12.2009.

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To the Memory of Prof. Dr. Valentin Koloini (1940 – 2008) (page 0-0)

J. Golob, I. Plazl, Ž. Kurtanjek
In memoriam, Obituary

A Multicomponent Lattice Boltzmann Model for Multiphase Convection, Diffusion, and Reaction in Two Dimensions (page 399-409)

J. M. Parker, G. N. Jovanovic
Original scientific paper

Effect of Tween-80 on Stability and Secretion of Hydrophobic Tagged-cutinases (page 411-417)

C. R. C. Calado, M. Brandão, J. Biscaia, J. M. S. Cabral, L. P. Fonseca
Original scientific paper

Prediction of Dynamic Plasmid Production by Recombinant Escherichia coli Fed-Batch Cultivations with a Generalized Regression Neural Network (page 419-427)

T. Silva, P. Lima, M. Roxo-Rosa, S. Hageman, L. P. Fonseca, C. R. C. Calado
Original scientific paper

Lentikat®-based Biocatalysts: Effective Tools for Inulin Hydrolysis (page 429-434)

S. Cattorini, M. P. C. Marques, F. Carvalho, V. Chheub, J. M. S. Cabral, P. Fernandes
Original scientific paper

Antioxidant, Radical Scavenging and Antimicrobial Activities of Red Onion (Allium cepa L) Skin and Edible Part Extracts (page 435-444)

M. Škerget, L. Majhenič, M. Bezjak, Ž. Knez
Original scientific paper

MINLP Synthesis of Processes for the Production of Biogas from Organic and Animal Waste (page 445-459)

R. Drobež, Z. Novak Pintarič, B. Pahor, Z. Kravanja
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Modified Starch Adsorption Kinetics on Cellulose Fibers via the Modified Langmuir Adsorption Theory (page 461-470)

N. Zakrajšek, S. Knez, D. Ravnjak, J. Golob
Original scientific paper

Studies on the Growth of Chlorella vulgaris in Culture Media with Different Carbon Sources (page 471-477)

M. Šoštarič, J. Golob, M. Bricelj, D. Klinar, A. Pivec
Original scientific paper

Adsorption of Vancomycin on Amberlite XAD-16 in a Packed Bed Column (page 479-483)

B. Borin, A. Pavko
Original scientific paper

Anaerobic Treatment of Pharmaceutical Waste Fermentation Broth (page 485-492)

G. D. Zupančič, A. Žgajnar Gotvajn
Original scientific paper

Model-free Kinetics Analysis of Thermal Degradation of Polysiloxane Lubricant (page 493-496)

I. Mohorič, M. Krajnc, U. Šebenik
Original scientific paper

The Effect of Enzymatic Treatments of Pulps on Fiber and Paper Properties (page 497-506)

P. Žnidaršič-Plazl, V. Rutar, D. Ravnjak
Original scientific paper

CFD – facilitated Prognosis of Bubble Bed Bioreactor Performance Based on Bubble Swarms Oscillation Analysis (page 513-518)

S. D. Vlaev, P. Staykov, M. Fialova
Original scientific paper

Modelling of Continuous L-Malic Acid Production by Porcine Heart Fumarase and Fumarase in Yeast Cells (page 519-525)

A. Vrsalović Presečki, B. Zelić, Đ. Vasić-Rački
Original scientific paper

Process Intensification through Microreactor Application (page 537-544)

A. Pohar, I. Plazl
Review article

Overview on Reactions with Multi-enzyme Systems (page 545-553)

Z. Findrik, Đ. Vasić-Rački
Review article

Technological Solution for the Sustainability of the Destructive Distillation of Wood in Classic Horizontal Retorts (page 555-561)

S. Tomas, M. Planinić, A. Bucić-Kojić, M. Bilić, D. Velić, M. Čačić
Professional paper

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