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  • Publication date: 14.06.2006.
  • Published on HRČAK: 10.07.2006.

Table of contents

Full text

Uvodnik (page 2-2)

Editorial (page 1-1)

Tibor Pentek

Soil compaction in timber skidding in winter conditions (page 3-15)

Marijan Šušnjar, Dubravko Horvat, Josip Šešelj
Original scientific paper

Comparison of two approaches to soil strength classifications (page 17-26)

Tomislav Poršinsky, Mario Sraka, Igor Stankić
Original scientific paper

Estimation of carrying capacity of slag and gravel forest road pavements (page 27-36)

Grzegorz Trzcinski, Sergiusz Kaczmarzyk
Original scientific paper

Tabu search optimization of forest road alignments combined with shortest paths and cubic splines (page 37-47)

Kazuhiro Aruga, Toshiaki Tasaka, John Sessions, S. Miyata
Original scientific paper

Productivity of C Holder 870 F tractor with double drum winch Igland 4002 in thinning beech stands (page 47-59)

Željko Zečić, Ante P. B. Krpan, Stjepan Vukušić
Original scientific paper

Extraction of spruce timber by Gantner cable crane from selective forests of Artvin region (page 59-66)

Tolga Ozturk, Necmettin Senturk
Preliminary communication

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