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  • Publication date: 15.04.2009.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.05.2010.

Table of contents

Full text

Wine, tourism and experience in the Canary Islands' context (page 7-22)

Abel Duarte Alonso
Original scientific paper

The perennial Western tourism representations of India that refuse to die (page 23-35)

Ranjan Bandyopadhyay
Preliminary communication

Heritage rent – underlying theory and Croatian practice (page 37-53)

Ivo Kunst
Review article

Environmental orientation and ecotourism awareness among pilgrims, adventure tourists, and leisure tourists (page 55-68)

Satish Bagri, Bharti Gupta, Babu George
Preliminary communication

The construction of literary tourism site (page 69-83)

Hongyan Jia

Bibliography : selected papers (page 87-99)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

Annual indexes : Vol. 56 (2008) (page 100-107)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

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