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  • Publication date: 30.06.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 13.10.2010.

Table of contents

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Editorial (page I-IV)

Ray J Paul

What an Information System Is, and Why Is It Important to Know This (page 95-99)

Ray J. Paul
Original scientific paper

Designing Quick & Dirty Applications for Mobiles: Making the Case for the Utility of HCI Principles (page 103-107)

Lynne Baillie, Lee Morton
Original scientific paper

Motivation for Writing the Paper Risk Effect on Offshore Systems Development Project Cost (page 109-110)

Gerald DeHondt II, George Nezlek
Review article

Risk Effect on Offshore Systems Development Project Cost (page 111-120)

Gerald DeHondt II, George Nezlek
Original scientific paper

Is it Important to Study Cultural Differences? (page 121-123)

Jasna Kuljis, Patrick Halloran
Original scientific paper

Manifestations of Culture in Website Design (page 125-132)

Inhwa Kim, Jasna Kuljis
Original scientific paper

Using Case Studies as a Lens to Observe Teaching Evaluations (page 133-139)

Patrick Halloran
Original scientific paper

Super-resolution of Infrared Images: Does it Improve Operator Object Detection Performance? (page 141-150)

Katherine Hanton, Jadranka Sunde, Marcus Butavicius, Nicholas Burns
Original scientific paper

Improving Infrared Images for Standoff Object Detection (page 151-157)

Katherine Hanton, Marcus Butavicius, Ray Johnson, Jadranka Sunde
Original scientific paper

Java Method Calls in the Hierarchy – Uncovering Yet another Inheritance Foible (page 159-165)

Emal Nasseri, Steve Counsell
Original scientific paper

System Evolution at the Attribute Level: an Empirical Study of Three Java OSS and their Refactorings (page 167-173)

Steve Counsell, Emal Nasseri
Original scientific paper

Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Transactional Databases and Data Warehouses (page 175-181)

Nenad Jukic, Boris Jukic
Original scientific paper

Selecting Low-level Features for Image Quality Assessment by Statistical Methods (page 183-189)

Atidel Lahouhou, Emmanuel Viennet, Azeddine Beghdadi
Original scientific paper

Social Network Analysis of Ontology Edit Logs (page 191-200)

Nenad Tomasev, Dunja Mladenic
Original scientific paper

Model of the Hydro-Information System of the Republic of Macedonia (page 201-204)

Blagoj Delipetrev, Dragan Mihajlov, Marjan Delipetrev, Todor Delipetrov
Original scientific paper

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