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  • Publication date: 25.11.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.12.2010.

Table of contents

Full text

Religious and cultural tourism development (page 211-212)

Noga Collins-Kreiner, Yoel Mansfeld, Anna Trono

Situating the self in religious tourism research: An author’s reflexive perspective (page 213-227)

Alison J. McIntosh
Preliminary communication

The development of religious heritage tourism in Northern Ireland: Opportunities, benefits and obstacles (page 229-257)

Maria T. Simone-Charteris, Stephen W. Boyd
Original scientific paper

Current Jewish pilgrimage tourism: Modes and models of development (page 259-270)

Noga Collins-Kreiner
Preliminary communication

Co-management of religious heritage: An Italian case-study (page 301-311)

Olga Lo Presti, Clara Stefania Petrillo
Review article

Modern pilgrimage routes in Croatia (page 312-317)

Eduard Kušen
Professional paper

UNWTO SOS.Travel : internet site review (page 318-319)

Damir Krešić
Case report

Bibliography: selected papers (page 322-331)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

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