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  • Publication date: 01.12.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.03.2011.

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(page 166-166)

Mladen Radujković

Causes Leading to Poor site Coordination in Building Projects (page 167-172)

K.W. Andy, D.F. Andrew Price
Original scientific paper

A cost estimate method for bridge superstructures using regression analysis and bootstrap (page 182-190)

Nikolaos Fragkakis, Sergios Lambropoulos, John-Paris Pantouvakis
Original scientific paper

On computer Modelling of the Building Process in Construction Planning and Management (page 191-199)

Čeněk Jarský
Original scientific paper

Access to construction time objectiveness (page 200-206)

Mária Kozlovská, Zuzana Struková, Alena Tažiková
Original scientific paper

Ultra-Wide Band technology applications in construction: a review (page 207-213)

Shaohua Jiang, Miroslaw J. Skibniewski, Yongbo Yuan, Chengshuang Sun
Original scientific paper

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