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  • Publication date: 15.06.2011.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.06.2011.

Table of contents

Full text

Editorial (page III-IV)

Jože Perić

The research results of charter companies in Croatia (page 19-34)

Daniela Gračan, Gorana Bardak, Andreja Rudančić-Lugarić
Original scientific paper

Community-based tourism in Cape Verde - a case study (page 35-44)

Tomas Lopez-Guzman, Osvaldo Borges, Ana Maria Castillo-Canalejo
Original scientific paper

The effects of selected macroeconomic variables on the presence of foreign hotels in Croatia (page 45-65)

Mili Novak, Lidija Petrić, Ljudevit Pranić
Original scientific paper

Evaluation of congress performance and congress attendees' satisfaction - a case study of Novi Sad (Serbia) (page 67-78)

Vanja Dragićević, Uglješa Stankov, Tanja Armenski, Snežana Štetić
Preliminary communication

Coping with climate change in the tourism industry: a review and agenda for future research (page 79-90)

Ana Beatriz Hernandez, Gerard Ryan
Preliminary communication

Comparative analysis of budgeting in the Slovene hotel industry (page 91-100)

Gordana Ivankovič, Mateja Jerman
Preliminary communication

An investigation of data management and property management systems in hotels (page 101-114)

Karolin Kokaz Pucciani, Hilary Catherine Murphy
Preliminary communication

Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna conference facilities, comparative analysis (page 131-139)

Endre Gyorgy Bartfai
Review article

Mandatory cost and other cost coming from the adoption of quality certifications in the hospitality business (page 153-169)

M. Victoria Sanchez Rebull, Ana Betriz Hernandez, Lucia Banchieri, Fernando Campa Planas, Matias Ginieis
Review article

Reviewers (page 173-0)


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