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  • Publication date: 29.04.2011.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.05.2012.

Table of contents

Full text

The dynamics of port development: Modelling knowledge transfer and stakeholder involvement (page 15-28)

Patricia Johnson, Kevin Lyons
Review article

The perceptions of an island community towards cruise tourism: A factor analysis (page 29-42)

Juan Gabriel Brida, Giacomo Del Chiappa, Marta Meleddu, Manuela Pulina
Original scientific paper

The adaptation strategies of the cruise lines to the Chinese tourists (page 43-54)

Veronique Mondou, Benjamin Taunay
Original scientific paper

Liberalization assessment: The Greek cruise market (page 91-105)

Evangelia Stefanidaki, Maria Lekakou
Review article

Half a century of the Journal of Travel Research (1962 - 2011) (page 106-106)

Tomislav Hitrec
Case report

Annual indexes (page 107-113)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

Selected papers (page 114-131)

Tomislav Hitrec, Ksenija Tokić

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