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  • Publication date: 28.06.2013.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.06.2013.

Table of contents

Full text

Inference and Rational Commitment (page 5-20)

James Trafford
Original scientific paper

Moral Responsibility Beyond Classical Compatibilist and Incompatibilist Accounts (page 21-41)

Sofia Bonicalzi
Original scientific paper

A Non-Reductionist Physiologism: Nietzsche on Body, Mind and Consciousness (page 43-60)

Claudia Rosciglione
Original scientific paper

On Three Defenses of Sentimentalism (page 61-82)

Noriaki Iwasa
Original scientific paper

Problem intrinzično epistemičke značajnosti (page 83-100)

Marko Jurjako
Original scientific paper

Formalna nekonzistentnost i kvazimatrice (page 103-119)

Sandro Skansi
Review article

Goran Švob (1947–2013) (page 143-145)

Neven Sesardić
In memoriam, Obituary

Petar Šegedin, Pojam uma u Platona (page 149-155)

Davor Ljubimir
Case report

Sažeci (page 185-191)

Abstracts (page 185-191)


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