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  • Publication date: 15.03.1985.
  • Published on HRČAK: 20.01.2014.

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Assessment of gingival fluid during the periodontal pocket healing (page 0-0)

Miljenko Bačić
Original scientific paper

Dental cement quality control based o n measurement of linear deformation in laboratory conditions (page 0-0)

Biserka Lazić, Zvonimir Kosovel
Original scientific paper

The effect of the tongue on the precision of the impression for complete lower dental prosthesis (page 0-0)

Krešimir Kraljević, Josip Pandurić, Jonatan Pleško
Original scientific paper

The significance of the incidence of some factors in the etiology of stomatopyrosis (page 0-0)

Milutin Dobrenić, Iva Vidas, Marinka Mravak
Original scientific paper

Subjective oral symptoms in metal industry workers (page 0-0)

Marija Magdalenić-Meštrović
Original scientific paper

Genetic defects of the enamel (page 0-0)

Ilija Škrinjarić
Review article

The new WHO card for epidemiological research of dental and periodontal diseases (page 0-0)

Zdravko Rajić, Ingolf Moller, Peter Leous
Professional paper

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