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Professional paper

Is sports system fair?

Biserka Perman ; Rijeka Bowling Club, Rijeka, Croatia

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When it comes to ethics and fair play in sport, it mostly refers to training process and competition through respecting the game rules, opponents, organizers, managers and referees, through the implementation of standards related to means, equipment and kits used in competitions and avoidance and prevention from using illegal stimulants, i.e. doping. The following question arises: is the sports system itself in its core established fairly and morally? Is there inequality and discrimination among certain sports associations, federations, clubs or athletes? This refers to the sports system in general, hierarchy of sports, i.e. federations within the whole sports community in local and regional government and on national level and within international sports federations and presentation of those sports to a wider community through diff erent activities, programs and media coverage. We must not forget the economic side of sport as an activity which directly or indirectly ensures existence of a large number of people. Sports system is not fair and it is also often cruel. Discrimination can be seen through many factors: sports federations, media coverage of sports, division into "great" and "small" sports, Croatian Olympic Committee, money... Establishment of sports system based on those foundations results in reduced number of young athletes, use of illegal stimulants, more violence, bigger health problems of young population, their lack of sociality and communication.


sport, sports system, fairness, discrimination

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