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Siniša Horvat ; Prva varaždinska gimnazija, Varaždin, Hrvatska

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In the middle of the 19th century the Varaždin Gymnasium had to comply with the new reform system requiring, among other things, that a collection of school teaching and learning aids necessary in the teaching procedure for some subjects should be organized. Along with an abundant natural science collection, a physical collection had been organized that covered the aids necessary for studying physical contents, firstly in the scope of the subject of natural science philosophy and later as an independent teaching subject.
When the collection was organized, numerous science lecturers played a significant role as the collection’s keepers by making efforts and taking care to expand it and make it more complete. Among them were well-known scientists such as Dr. Sc. Josip Križan and Dr. Sc. Slavko Rozgaj. As the collection was formed during a period of almost a hundred and sixty years, along with its indisputable educative values it has become interesting from the museological aspect. Therefore, it is necessary to protect this collection in an adequate manner as part of the Varaždin Gymnasium’s valuable heritage, and to preserve its values for generations to come.


Varaždin Gymnasium, physics, Josip Križan, Slavko Rozgaj, school collections

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