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Doris Mlakar Gračner ; Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

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In an era of modern technology, a human is in constant contact with a variety of informational and communicative technologies. A school place is not an exception here, therefore there is a constant need for new methodical and didactic approaches in this area. An example of good practice that includes modern technology in the educational process is a work with digital working sheets. This paper was written to introduce a working method with digital sheets as a new form of work in a classroom where German is taught as a second language. In the introductory part the paper presents, among other things, how countries like Germany and Slovenia are successful in their inclusion of informational and communicative technology in the educational process. The theoretical part also tries to define the digital working sheet. In the following part of the paper a step-by-step preparatory process of a digital working sheet is introduced in more detail. Individual steps are illustrated with practical examples followed by tasks. These namely enable an integrated teaching and interdisciplinary interconnection of knowledge, and make sense of the usage of a working method with digital sheets in a language classroom. In this way the development of key competences in learners is stimulated, to which, in a modern technology era, indubitably also the digital competence belongs. The following chapter focuses on some advantages of usage and work with a digital working sheet such as, for example, autonomous learning, where each individual can be active in completion of working sheet and in search for the Internet information in his/her own tempo and extent.


Didactics, teaching a foreign language, ICT, digital worksheets

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