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Original scientific paper

Authority and Family in the Novel The Last of the Stipančićes by Vjenceslav Novak

Dejan Durić ; Odsjek za kroatistiku Filozofskoga fakulteta u Rijeci, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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The paper examines the processes whereby the self and authority are formed, as well as the relationship between these two concepts, in the context of the nuclear patriarchal family using the example of the realist novel The Last of the Stipančićes by Vjenceslav Novak. The nuclear family is the starting point from which the objective
antagonisms are incorporated into the very heart of individual subjectivity, economic circumstances are reflected as ideologies and the perception of the self as subordinate, humble and helpless is planted (Anthony Elliot). The novel focuses on four members of a patrician family that has a strict distribution of authority. The
education of the self is equally influenced by the system of identification on the parent – children level as well as by different social circumstances, especially rigid patriarchy and the economic circumstances which model the complex system of relationships amongst the members themselves.


authority, family, identification, realism, patriarchy

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