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Review article

The Woman – Mesner / Kolombar, Kraljević, Kirchner

Anđelko Mrkonjić ; Vijenac A. Cesarca 23, Osijek, Hrvatska

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In this culturological paper I have tried to point out how the woman motif links four expressionist contemporaries, given the recognition and contextualization of the region they come from. Three female characters (Višnja, Pola and Bembi) in the novel ”Painful Childhood”, by Ivan Mesner, own their narrative lives which are determined by their character, social status and poetic-style determinants. These
characters enable the paper to establish a cross-media connection with the paintings of Kolombar, Kraljević and Kirchner, where the strongest link is the harlot Bembi.


women, expressionism, Ivan Mesner, Tomislav Kolombar, Miroslav Kraljević, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

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