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Original scientific paper

Požega Archives’ materials on World War I spies

Hrvoje Čapo

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The First World War is a topic which still hovers around like an enigma in Croatian historiography. Although more than ninety years have passed since its beginning, many facts have remained undiscovered about the circumstances in Croatia during that War. Reasons may be many. While most international writings on the topic emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, there was no political interest at the time in Croatia to study the War, and the lack of interest persisted through and after the Second World War. One of the reasons must be the lack of archival documents due to insufficient time lag. However, although the Croatian territory was not under direct impact of the greatest battles or destruction, the conflict made itself very much felt, in the form of famine, lack of basic supplies, casualties, men going to battle or the “Green Cadres”. That is why avenues of research have opened to scientists (and still are open) ranging from military history, demography, life behind the frontline etc. Now that the archival documents are available, it has become extremely important to undertake painstaking research to uncover the facts on World War I, in particular on the role of Croatians in the conflict.


World War I; Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; Croatia; spies; archives; legislation

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