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Original scientific paper

Some issues related to electronic alternatives to transport documents and promotion of electronic commerce under the Rotterdam Rules

Ivana Oršulić ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Božena Bulum ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Since the very beginning of usage of electronic communication in legal matters regarding carriage of goods by sea, there has been a need for international legal regulation of this area. The main goal is to achieve a certain degree of neutrality of media used for executing transportation operations, so that electronic records and electronic messages would have the same legal validity effects as paper documents.
New international transport convention that was signed in Rotterdam in 2009 sought to set a firm legal basis for the application of electronic commerce in international transport law. However, given the differences in the regulation of transport documents and electronic commerce in different legal systems, it is doubtful whether the system functioning of electronic equivalent to paper transport document, based on new transport convention provisions, can actually achieve its purpose and ensure its uniform application on the global market. In this context, it is necessary to determine whether specific changes in the Croatian legal system will be necessary.


Rotterdam Rules, United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea, transport document, electronic transport record, negotiable transport document, negotiable electronic transport record, electronic signature, right of control,

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