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The Influence of Geological Hazard on Turistic Development in the Kvarner Area (Northeastern Adriatic Sea)

Čedomir Benac ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Građevinski fakultet, Rijeka, Hrvatska
Rade Knežević ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Fakultet za menadžment i turizam, Opatija, Hrvatska

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This paper analyses the impact of natural hazards on spatial vulnerability, and seeks to assess the degree of potential risk from natural hazards to the Kvarner area, one of most important tourist region of the Repubic of Croatia. The northern parts of the Kvarner area are located in a seismotectonically active area, in which destructive earthquakes have struck in the past and can be expected to strike again, although it is impossible to predict when, where and with what intensity. Special attention is focused on various types of hazards brought about by climate change that are taking place today and are estimated to accelerate throughout the broader region, the Kvarner area included. The expected primary effects of climate change will be seen in rising sea levels and in the increased intensity and frequency of stormy weather. Such phenomena may occur independently or may interact resulting in higher risk.


geological hazard, seizmotectonic, climate change, tourism, Kvarner

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