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Professional paper

Interest Calculus

Mirta Benšić orcid id ; Odjel za matematiku, Sveučilište J. J. Strossmayera, Osijek, Hrvatska
Goran Benšić ; Strojarska tehnička škola, Osijek, Hrvatska

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The paper presents a simple methodological approach in the treatment of interest rate calculus based only on the two key formulas and understanding of the principles of simple and compound interest. It has been shown that the formulas for simple and compound interest determine the capital growth functions obtained by different capitalization models, indicating the need for compliance with the principles of compound chosen in each problem. Some examples from Croatian mathematical textbooks have been presented in which both principles are mixed in the same problem. Such exercises can confuse students when they learn the interest calculus.


Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Capitalization Model

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