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Original scientific paper

Landed estates of the noble lineage of Borić Ban until the middle of the 14th century

Marija Karbić

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This paper deals with the landed property of the descendants of Borić Ban, one of the most important noble lineages in the area of today's Slavonia. We analysed their land domains ever since the first documented occurrence of the descendants in the second half of the 12th century up until some branches of the lineage became independent in the middle of the 14th century. Research has shown that almost all the property of the noble descendants of Borić Ban until the middle of the 14th century were located in the area of Požega County. The exceptions would be lands donated by Ban Borić to the Church, namely Zdelja, the land of St. Martin, and the river port Gradiška, half of whose revenues were enjoyed by Nikola, son of Dezislav, and which belonged respectively to the Križevci County (Zdelja and Gradiška) and to the Somogy County (land of St. Martin). The lands of Borić Ban's descendants in the Požega County were largely assembled into two groups. The first group was located in the eastern, and the other in the western part of the County. In the east the properties spread over the area north and west of Slavonski Brod, and in the West they spanned the area between the castle of Orljava and the Sava. Besides, members of Borić Ban's lineage also held in possession Brestovac and St. Martin not far away from Požega, and also Lobsycha in the northeastern part of Požega County. Different branches of this noble lineage held possessions in the east and the west of the County, which provides direct evidence of the first division of landed property among members of this lineage, which probably took place between the sons or grandsons of Borić Ban himself, and which was not documented otherwise.


Borić Ban's descendants, noble lineage, land possessions, Požega county, the Middle Ages

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