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Original scientific paper

The believers in Croatia confronted with new developments

Špiro Marasović

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After gaining national sovereignty, on the one hand, and the introduction of market economv and the democracy, on the other, the Catholic believers in Croatia have found themselves in a new situation: as believers, they have to find their own individual ways of acting as members of the society. What is the specific situation in Croatia in this respect, and how it should be, that is the subject matter of this article divided into three parts. The first part tackles, based on the results of a recent survey, the fundamental question every Catholic believer is faced with, i.e. relationship to God, Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. As the mentioned political changes in Croatia are not irrelevant to the culture of human relationships, the second part of the article deals with the actual and the desired relationship of a Catholic believer in Croatia with all fellow men, with his brothers and sisters in faith and finally with compatriots. Third part explains the relationship of the believers towards the world at large and their own country, with special emphasis on political options currently open to them. The article as a whole clearly suggests that all these relationships in contemporary Croatia occur amidst a tremendous variety of alternatives, among which the best ones are to be chosen and lived by in everyday live.


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