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Professional paper

»Do it in memory of me!«

Branko Jozić

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The words of Jesus at the Last Supper were too often in history understood and lived upon restrictively. Oversacralisation through a cult and the desacralisation of »natural«, a gap between the »religious« and »secular« led frequently to a deformation of Christianity. In John's Gospel (13, 14-15), after washing the feet of his disciples, Jesus said: »I gave you the example so that you do what I did to you«. And he concluded by saying: »Love each other as I loved you!...« Unfortunately, very soon the charismatic strength of a new faithful identity and the logic of the Kingdom were frequently replaced by virtues elaborated by Hellenistic ethicists, although they clearly departed from the Holy Script. Even today, the life of many Christians is far from the ideals of the Kingdom of God as if the involvement in a religious community or a religious cult were enough in itself without a deep and real Christian practice, commitment and the way of life. Words without deeds have no value. Such a pharisaism has nothing to do with the true memory of Jesus.


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