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Original scientific paper

Religion and art on the horizon of truth and freedom

Ivan Koprek

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It is obvious that art participates in the creation of man's image about himself and the reality. As such it frames the thresholds of culture and is involved in multi-faceted co-relations. One of its important co-relations is that with religion. Art and religion stood for a long time in close relationship. However, some consider that the emphatically pleaded unity of art and religion, as for example argued by Th. W. Adorno, actually never existed. On the contrary, art and religion have been and remain in perpetual concurrence. Moreover, demanding the return of art to its religious roots means denying the autonomy of art. What was, and what is the relationship of Christianity and art? In seeking an answer to this question the author concludes that the relationship between Christianity and art will be correctly understood only as an effort in which, each in its own way, they both serve their shared sublime goal: fostering and cultivation of what is sublime in human beings.


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