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Archaeological excavations in Nova Bukovica in 2004

Saša Kovačević

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Since 1997 Institute for Archaeology has been systematically excavating the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age settlement in Nova Bukovica, at the Sjenjak site. So far a surface of almost 1800 m2 has been unearthed, with sunken buildings which were parts of the infrastructure of the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age settlement. An extremely significant find within the context of the Bronze Age settlement are the remains of the building above ground (House 1) with a storage pit inside the building, whereas in the structure of the La Téne settlement numerous canals of different sizes stand out. During excavations in 2004 it was noted that the canals probably mark the borders of the La Téne settlement, and that close to them there are pits with heavily packed filling, almost without moveable archaeological finds, which at present we have interpreted as clay extraction pits. The movable archaeological finds from 2004 confirm the earlier dating of the La Téne settlement (purple glass armlet), whereas in one of the La Téne pits, along with certain other still undetermined iron artifacts, iron dross appears. In addition to bronze dross lumps from the Late Bronze Age facilities, this is additional proof of metallurgy at the archaeological site in Nova Bukovica.


settlement, Podravina, Late Bronze Age and Iron Age, interdisciplinary research, season 2004

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