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Original scientific paper

Numerical analysis of Wells turbine for wave power conversion

Zoran Čarija
Lado Kranjčević
Vjekoslav Banić
Marko Čavrak

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page 141-146

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The sea wave energy is one of the high potential renewable energy sources. The Wells turbine as the main part of the Oscillalting Water Column energy plant is analyzed in this paper.  The Wells turbine uses air flow produced by the pressure change inside the oscillating water column. Efficient energy transformation is achieved with the use of self-rectifying Wells air turbine. Since the tangential force of the rotor acts only in one direction even though airflow is oscillating, turbine rotates always in the same direction. Series of numerical simulations are performed using software package FLUENT for the wide span of non-dimensional flow rate coefficient (fi) and employing three different turbulent models. Structured numerical mesh and application of the axisymmetric periodical boundary conditions raised the accuracy of the numerical model while reducing computational load three times compared to the model with the fully meshed domain. Finally, operation of the OWC plant consisting of the air chamber and the turbine was simulated for the Adriatic sea maritime conditions, giving satisfactory energy output considering compact dimension of the whole plant.


Wells turbine, Oscillating Water Column plant, Sea wave energy, CFD simulation

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