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Original scientific paper

Righteousness Apart from the Law According to Gal. 3:1-14.

Dragutin Matak ; Adriatic Union College, Maruševec, Croatia

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Based on their earlier experience, the Galatians must make a clear distinction
between three sets of opposing concepts: (1) works and hearing,
(2) law and faith, and (3) spirit and flesh. The Judaizers claimed
that Abraham’s faith was a kind of a good work or obedience that saved
him. According to Paul, faith was not a good work by which one could
be saved, but a relationship of trust which was the basis of his obedience.
Paul makes three points showing that it is impossible? to be justified
by the law: (1) theoretically justification could come by keeping the law,
Paul seems to imply by Lev 18:5, but absolute obedience is impossible;
(2) the Scripture affirms that "the righteous will live by faith" (Hab 2:4);
and (3) justification by faith and justification by law are two mutually
exclusive principles. The law brings curse, while faith unites us with
Christ and the Spirit.


Justification-without-the-Law, Epistle-to-Galatians, Righteousness-by-Faith

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