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Original scientific paper

Observations on the language of the Academy Breviary

Marinka Šimić ; Staroslavenski institut Demetrova 11 HR-10000 Zagreb Hrvatska

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The paper gives a description of the language characteristics of the Academy Breviary, the Croatian Glagolitic manuscript kept in the Archive of HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) in Zagreb, call number III c 12 (hereinafter: BrAc) dating from 1384, and presumably written in Istria. BrAc consists of two parts: Psalter and Commons (Commune Sanctorum) which are not written in the entirely similar language. The second part ofthe manuscript is written with the more recent language characteristics in comparison to the first part. The phonological and graphic analyses have confirmed the assumption that BrAc belongs to the Northern more conservative group of the Croatian Glagolitic manuscripts. The conclusion is based on the following linguistic features: the proper writing of the grapheme called “štapić” in place of the semivowel, the proper use of jat with an insignificant ekavian infl uence, the consonant group žd and examples poêtь, priêtь, while ikavian infl uence is attested only in the Commons (Commune Sanctorum): lipimь gl(a)somь 66d, div(i)č’ska 67b, naprid’ 67b. The graphic and phonological features affi rm that BrAc is an Istrian manuscript.


Academy Breviary; Croatian Glagolitic manuscripts; Croatian Church Slavonic language; graphics; phonology

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